Thursday, June 25, 2015

San Juan Islands ~ Anacortes ~ Deception Pass (Washington)

Well, I bit the bullet today and got on a boat.  Had there been any other way to get to the San Juan Islands (other than seaplane), I would have taken it.  These are beautiful islands off the coast of Washington State and are a must-visit if you're in this area.  The ferry ride was a little less than an hour, so that wasn't too bad for a boat-hater like me.  As I watched seaplanes come and go into the harbor, I realized that boats are at least better than a rubber-band plane that lands on water!  They are fun to watch, but I wouldn't get on one!

This ferry was named Samish, and this was her maiden voyage!  (Yeah, I think the Titanic was a maiden voyage too - we all know how that went!)

The doggie was ready to sail!

This fella was enjoying some seaweed for breakfast before sailing.

Another ferry coming in as I was leaving.

So, this kid, unattended by any parent, went up to the bow and was trying to climb over the gate.  I'm sorry, but if she fell in that freezing water, I was NOT jumping in after her!  No way, no how!

Another reason I'm not jumping in after that kid!  Jellyfish!!!

This dog was BEAUTIFUL!

The little girl was so crazy about this dog!  So sweet!

A handsome bald eagle while we were sailing.

Coming into Friday Harbor; a beautiful port.

The ONLY people who would fly in one of these would be my dad and brother!

Because it was the maiden voyage, we got a police escort!

And, some big fanfare as we were coming into the harbor.

All in all, not a bad voyage!  I am glad it was only 1 hour!

With the boat ride behind me, it was time to enjoy this beautiful day and this beautiful island.  The San Juan Islands are comprised of several different islands.  I chose Friday Harbor because it had a beautiful state park and an area where you can watch a pod of resident orcas swim by (they didn't swim by this day, though).  It was beautiful to hike along the water, and explore the charming little town of Friday Harbor.

I think the best part of the town is the beautiful harbor

Lassie!!!  Where's Timmy???

Flowers all over.

These were some kooky things on the outskirts of town

We took a bus to another area for whale watching.  Unfortunately, we didn't see the pod that day.  But, supposedly, they regularly come by here.

A dog pondering life.

A dolphin pondering life too!

NICE VIEW for this guy!

Crazy kayakers!  There are killer WHALES out here (supposedly!)

Gorgeous scenery!

A beautiful little lighthouse.  Inside, they do marine life research.  They can tell you every whale that comes by this area - they can say what kind of whale, and whether it is a resident or transient.  It was very interesting.

Well, it was back to the harbor to wait on my ferry to go back to Anacortes.  It was a great day spend on this San Juan Island, and well worth the boat ride!

I loved watching the seaplanes in the harbor take off and land.  Again, I don't want to be on one, but they are fun to watch.

Taking off.

Just landed.

2 leaving - 1 coming in.

Not a bad view from the harbor.

Mt. Baker

My ride is here ...

And, I'm back to the mainland!


Lavender grows wild all over Washington State.  It is not only beautiful to look at, it also has an amazing smell when you walk past it.  There is an organic lavender farm on San Juan Island, but these pics aren't from there - they are just from an area where it grows wild.   I love it!

We saw this guy while driving around Anacortes, and he looked like he wanted his picture taken!

This is an area about 15 minutes from Anacortes, Washington, called Deception Pass.   It is one of the most photographed areas in Washington.  The sun wasn't in my favor with photos, but it was really beautiful to walk across this huge bridge into the state park.  The water is gorgeous.  I don't want to BE in that water, but it's pretty to look at.  On such a beautiful day, there were a lot of people out enjoying this area.

The sign at the bridge tells of the construction of it.  The sign can say it better than I can.

From the other side