Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bridal Veil, Oregon

Today, I took a drive to Bridal Veil, Oregon.  This is a tiny, tiny, tiny town.  So tiny, in fact, that it's virtually a ghost town, except for the Post Office.  Brides come from all over just to have their wedding invitations sent from this tiny post office (that's a girl-thing!).  The invitations are postmarked, "Bridal Veil."  The post office is SO small, and adorable.

The inside was about the size of my kitchen.  It's a good use of space!

They have a very nice view of the Columbia River Gorge.

I thought this was a little bird house.  Until, I walked over to it.  It was so cute - it was a Free Library.  You just opened it up and you can take a book or leave a book.  Adorable!

The inside of the post office.

There is lace covering the window - cute!

After the post office, I stopped to pay my respects at the Bridal Veil Historic Cemetery.  The graves date back to the 1800s and there aren't very many there.  Fortunately, there is an historical society that is looking after this cemetery; I like to see that.  

I must say, the folks buried here have an awesome view - of the Columbia River Gorge, looking into Washington.  All the graves were facing that beautiful river gorge!

These people knew insurmountable pain.  They had a child born in 1903 who died on the same day she was born.  Then, they had another child born in 1904; he also died on the same day he was born.

I love historical societies!  My hometown desperately needs one (that works!)