Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Elbe, Washington

On the way to Mt. Rainier, I passed through this charming little town.  What caught my eye was some very colorful train cars.  Come to find out, they were old train cars that have been made into a hotel!  Very cute idea.  Had I known they were there, I would have stayed in one.

Then, a tiny, tiny church caught my eye.  I pulled over to take some photos, and a very nice man was there painting some stairs at the church.  He invited me inside, and told me all about the history of this delightful little church.  It is still a working church with a congregation.  He was SO nice.

Next I crossed the street and where I saw I sign, "Cherries - $1".  Well, COUNT ME IN!  Those were the BEST cherries.  There was nothing else in this tiny town, so I was on my way.  I met some nice people, saw come cool trains, and made a new friend of the man at that church!

This church was in pristine condition!

I loved the inside too!

Some bricks outside the church engraved with people's names.


There wasn't much to this little town.

THE HOBO INN! (That's the real name of this hotel)

The end of this town for me!  I enjoyed it so much!