Tuesday, June 2, 2015

. . . On to Nevada!

Today, I left Utah and drove into Nevada.  One might call it a long, boring drive.  Or, you can look at it like me - as an adventure seeing things that I don't see in my home state.  The road is indeed long, with beautiful scenery and things I don't normally see.

Nevada can go from one second being 90 degrees, to being 60 the next minute.  It is diverse in its landscapes, with a mix of desert and mountains.

Well, first things first.  First is a stop at this incredible bakery (Sugar Bean Bakery) in Richfield, Utah, to stock up on sweets.  OMG, they had the most amazing things.  I really just stopped in for a loaf of bread. The bread had sold out, but I didn't leave empty handed.  I loved this 100 year old building.

I'll have one of these ... and one of these ... and one of these ...

Nothing brings my car to a screeching halt like a little farm.  This fat little pony (I'm sure he said the same about me!), was SO cute.  He was so friendly.  I hated to leave him behind.

No clue.  This "shoe tree" is literally out in the middle of nowhere.  Nothing around for miles.  It's a bunch of shoes in trees.  It must be a Utah thing.

A dried up lake.  They are all over Utah and Nevada

Goodbye Utah, HELLO Nevada!


The long and so far unwinding road

I love to see states that are using the planet's natural, and unlimited, resources to create energy.  These wind energy fans are all over Utah and Nevada (and Texas and Kansas).