Friday, June 5, 2015

Lava Beds National Monument (California)

It's really difficult to make Lava Beds seem interesting (trust me, they are).  It's just miles and miles of lava rocks.  But, this was a beautiful place that I happened to see on the map while driving to Oregon.

Yes, miles and miles and miles of lava.  They also had caves, but it was too late in the day to enter the caves - a lot of them were closed because of the breeding bats.  They are very careful to make sure that no one enters the caves who may have been in another cave that perhaps had a bat disease - they are very fussy that you don't infest their bats.  That's a good thing, a disease can wipe out an entire colony of bats very quickly.

Anyway, this place was beautiful, but I don't believe I can make it interesting to anyone but ME!

This isn't to protect the humans, it's to protect the bats!

So pretty how the flowers grow out of solid lava rock

The volcano that created all of this!

Miles and miles and miles and miles of lava.

At the northern end of the Lava Beds, at the Oregon border, there was a nice wildlife refuge.  There were a lot of birds, but it was late in the day so no photos of the wildlife.

Pretty refuge

There was a little farm at the end of the refuge.  I MUST have him!!!


Oregon welcomed me!