Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (Oregon)

The past few days in northern Oregon have been beautiful.  Apparently, they get a lot of rain here (I've seen hardly any).  People love this beautiful weather and take the opportunity to get outside and enjoy it.  They were out in full force the day I took this drive along the Columbia River.  They are in boats, on the shore enjoying the sun, on bikes, or walking around.  

My first stop along the river gorge was at Multnomah Falls. Oh my goodness!  What a beautiful sight this waterfall was.  The sun was not in my favor for taking pictures, but it didn't matter - it was such a gorgeous view.  Again, being that they are having some non-rainy, beautiful, warm weather in Oregon, everybody was out enjoying it.   Oregon has a lot to offer for  outdoor activities; I love it here.

This was another area with a waterfall (there are several within a few miles of each other).  This was such a pretty spot with this little bridge.

One thing about Oregon and Washington I love are the houseboats!  (I do NOT want to live on one, but I love looking at them).  They are all so unique in style.  And, I think they look beautiful when you are driving along the water.  This was a private community and really a perfect spot - if you want to live on water.

The very best - a houseboat with a garage!!

This area is positively beautiful - it's exactly what you would expect Oregon to be like!

Lewis and Clark came along this exact trail.  I have a hard time navigating on a good road in a car, I can't imagine what they encountered in a BOAT!

Spectacular view of Mt. Hood along the river.

People love the water here.  This is looking into Washington from Oregon.  They are out in tents, along the water, in boats - they are taking every opportunity to enjoy this beautiful weather!

That side is Washington State

And, for the last time, I looked in my rear view mirror to wave good-bye to Mt. Hood.  I am off to Washington!

I am sorry to see Oregon go!

Last time crossing the Columbia!