Monday, June 8, 2015

Another charming town ~ Klamath Falls, Oregon

This small town, Klamath Falls*, Oregon, is the closest big town near Crater Lake National Park (and, I use the term "big town" lightly).  The downtown area takes about 3 minutes to drive through (no traffic!) and has a lot of historic buildings.  I didn't spend much time here, but I did walk around one day.  They have a great music store (with LOTS of old vinyl records for cheap), and several shops and restaurants.  It's a very nice place!  On the outskirts, there are department stores, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.

LOVE this bus bench!!  I seen this a lot in Oregon.  So cute.

When I travel, I like to eat at local, small businesses, where they buy their foods locally (I don't like chain places).  I first try to find vegetarian options and when that fails, I just try and find a place that is small and friendly.  This place was great, A Leap of Taste    (  They weren't vegetarian, but had lots of veggie options.  It was so cute inside and the food was delicious.  Based on how crowded it was, I would have to guess that it is a favorite in this town.

Carrot ginger soup - so good.  The cheese sandwich was made on bread from a local bakery called Green Blade, which, lucky for me, was right around the corner, it was delicious and so fresh!

Naturally, for dessert, I had to visit the Green Blade Bakery, (  

Banana Bread

Raspberry crumb-something - SO good!

I love this art work

* I am walking around calling this town, Kal-A-Muth Falls.  When, in reality, I think the proper pronunciation is, Clam-Ath.  Oops!