Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cowboy Town (Ely, Nevada)

This VERY small town of Ely, Nevada, seems like an old cowboy town to me; that's the best way I can describe it.  It appears that the town has not had any progress since perhaps the 1970s.  I am NOT making a derogatory remark about the town, I am stating a fact - that's they way they like it here.  There are old strip motels, a train station with beautiful old trains, and lots of bars.  It is quaint and charming.  I was just passing through, so I only spent one night here.

The day started with a beautiful sunrise behind the mountains

3 Saint Bernards!!  People in Utah and Nevada don't baby their dogs - they ride in the back of trucks and apparently they know not to jump out!

This was such a cute place.  Flower shop and coffee shop.

Old motels

The Pony Express is a big deal here; it ran through this area.

I like the aliens!

. . . and that's all folks - that's it for Ely, Nevada!