Saturday, June 13, 2015

Districts in Portland, Oregon

I love Portland, Oregon, pure and simple.  I love it.  There are many different districts (neighborhoods), and it seems like all of them that I saw, the people enjoy living there and they have a great quality to their life.  They have gardens, beautiful lawns, ride bicycles everywhere, and enjoy a simple and clean lifestyle.  Of course, the weather was GORGEOUS every day I was in Portland, so maybe that has something to do with it.  Their "heat wave," was a high of 85-degrees!!  REALLY!?  They should come to Florida!

These are just a couple examples of the neighborhoods in Portland, there are so many more, and all seem wonderful!

I LOVE this.  A vertical garden.  Plants growing on the side of an apartment building.  

There is no shortage of coffee shops anywhere in Portland!

Love the solar paneling.  I understand it rains a lot here (not at all during my time here), so good for them taking advantage of the little sun they DO have.  I live in a place with a LOT of sun, and almost nobody uses solar paneling.  Go figure - it's free and still we don't take advantage of the sun's energy.

Shops, restaurants, bars - all the neighborhoods were unique and clean.

People enjoying where they live.

This was a really cool neighborhood, very artsy.  The people paint the street intersections, the put fun things in their yard and it looks like they are happy.

Everybody (and their dog!) is on a bike!

Lots of bike parking all over Portland.  And, GREAT bike lanes!

A beautiful Mosaic on a wall in someone's yard!

I need to live in this house!

. . . or this one.

And, not matter how crowded the neighborhoods are, there are always plenty of parks with open green space.  I saw some of the best parks, and the people love them and take care of them.

I ate at one of the neighborhoods (when I wasn't eating at a food cart), called the Belmont District.  This restaurant was called Hereafter and it was a restaurant/bar combo that only served vegan food.  I loved it!

Portland is SO vegetarian and vegan friendly, I had to take every advantage of it and eat at a different place every day.

Houses in Portland!  I am in love with the style of homes here.  Some are better than others.  I noticed one thing, it seems people love vegetable and herb gardens.  They have their gardens on display in front of their homes.  Each neighborhood is unique, and I love all the houses!

Their gorgeous garden was in the front yard.  It was ALL garden!

A redo.  I am sure it will be beautiful when done.

How could you NOT want to live here?

And, my favorite!  A lot of the houses definitely have a craftsman-style to them.

The recycle AND compost!  Fantastic!