Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Orleans

Leaving Florida, then a quick drive through Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana brought me to New Orleans.

"Man, it's hot here.  This is Africa hot!"  (Biloxi Blues)

No roadtrip along I-10 West is complete without a stop in New Orleans for some beignets at Cafe Du Monde.  They are even better than they look!

The old, old, old, cemetery, Saint Louis Cemetery #1

The sad indignity this animal suffers.  It's hard for me to look in his eyes and not feel his pain.  Today, it was 95 degrees in Louisiana, you sweat just standing around in the shade, and he spends his day dragging humans around in a buggy.  To make matters worse, he has to wear the dumb hat.  It's not right.

I MUST have this house!

"Pirate Alley" in New Orleans.  This is some famous alleyway, but for what reason I have no idea.  But, it was a pretty little street!

Homelessness is a huge problem in New Orleans.  There were many homeless people living under the overpass.  I was snapping some photos, and I did not notice the little dog in the bottom left.  I noticed him after I downloaded my photos.  He looked healthy and well-fed, but I don't think it's a great life for a little dog.  Actually, it's not a great life for a human either.

Pretty flowers.

My day concluded in the Olde Absinthe Bar where my friend ordered an Absinthe (what a lush!).  It was a really cute place.

I love these cable cars!