Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Drive (through some rough weather!)

Today I drove north out of Alamosa, Colorado, then west over to Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  In the mountains, I hit some wicked weather at 11,300 feet.  It was beautiful, but not so fun for a Florida girl to be driving in.

My first stop was right outside Alamosa, in a town called Hooper, Colorado.  Out in the middle of nowhere, was a beautiful memorial for a fallen soldier.  It was only fitting that on Memorial Day, I stop and pay my respects.

Travis Wayne Anderson (1977-2005) was in the United States Army in Operation Iraqui Freedom.  This memorial had a beautiful view of the mountains, and alongside it was a book you could sign with your thoughts.  It was really amazing.

Continuing onward.  You just never know what you will see driving backroads.  Again, out in the middle of nowhere was this alien campsite.  They are some SERIOUS believers!  They had all kinds of dishes out to contact the aliens!

How could you NOT stop here???

Their alien yurt, and their dishes to contact the aliens!


This is where my drive took a minor snag.  When I got into the mountains, it started to snow.

This happens to your chips at 11,300 feet!

Summit, 11,300 feet.  It was a little chilly!

These folks had much more enthusiasm for the snow than I did.  They were cross-country skiing.

Oh, sure, I'm going to get on that thing to go up to the top of the mountain!

Down off the mountain -- ADORABLE!

I stopped just to say hello to these baby goats and they TOOK OFF RUNNING!!  I meant no harm.

She was much more friendly.

Beautiful scenery

As I approached Grand Junction, Colorado, there was some gorgeous Badlands.  The colors were so pretty and it was different than any other scenery I had come through.

The best part of the drive was seeing this family of red foxes.  Near Grand Junction, they had a den.  There was a mother and 2 pups (that I could see).  They were so cute out playing.  Once the mother walk away to go hunt for food, they went back into the den and didn't come out again.  SO CUTE!

The mother walked away and I didn't see the pups again.  They went underground.