Thursday, May 28, 2015

Black Canyon of the Gunnison (Colorado)

This is a place I never knew existed, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  It's Colorado's version of the Grand Canyon - only black.  It is so beautiful that I couldn't possible capture it in my photos and do it justice.  If you are a serious back country hiker, it's perfection.  If you're like me, you just drive to the various overlooks and look down into it.  They say some people walk down into it; ha, ha, fat chance for me!

The drive up is not for the weak or dizzy (both describe me), it's a winding road that takes you way up above the canyon.

The people at the overlook on the left give you the perspective of how big this canyon really is!

The Gunnison River runs through the canyon, and you can see it from almost all of the overlooks.


I love it that you can take man's best friend into National Parks.  They are wonderful places to take a hike with your dog.  Above: A man and his white German Shepherd.  Below:  This beauty, I believe was a Great Dane.  

A bee doing his job

Red Robin

Some pretty flowers

And, last but not least ... here I am!  I need a selfie-stick!