Friday, May 22, 2015

Long drive through Texas!

This was such a gorgeous horse, but he wanted nothing to do with me.  He looked at my camera and walked away.  He was so dirty, but still quite a handsome guy!

This poor cow had TWINS!

 Look at that SWEET face!

A creepy-looking house!

I LOVED this house.  I love all the windows!

Some of these old Texas towns look like they are closed down.  It's a shame to see businesses closed, because these are such old, beautiful buildings.  It's kinda sad to see the buildings all boarded up - what was once an independent hardware store, is now closed because a Walmart and Home Depot moved in down the street.

This was a really cool shop I stopped in in Childress, Texas.  I loved looking at all the stuff in there.  There's a little coffee bar in the back where they have all kinds of coffee and food.  Very nice place; the name is Ballyhoo.

A little coffee bar with lots of good eats!

Any and every kind of lawn ornament could be found here!