Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sacajawea's Grave (Wind River Reservation, WY)

My route through Wyoming took me through the Wind River Indian Reservation.  I saw this sign for Sacajawea's Grave Site on the reservation and took a detour to the cemetery to pay my respects.

This was a beautiful memorial for Sacajawea.

When the boys (Lewis & Clark) had trouble getting the job done, they called in one cool Indian chick named Sacajawea, who served as a guide for Lewis & Clark on their expedition.  This is the grave of Sacajawea and her two sons.  The son on the left was an infant and joined in the Lewis & Clark adventure with his mom (1805-1806).   This is a beautiful final resting spot for Sacajawea on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.

Her 2 sons.

This son was on the expedition with his mother when he was an infant.

People leave all kinds of  things at the grave site.

The cemetery is very pretty, overlooking some beautiful mountains.

Lots of interesting graves - People leave unusual things that I guess only they know the meaning of. The grave above had a pair of boots hung over the cross.  Below, obviously, as a child he liked trucks because there were little trucks on the grave.

My friend loves trying beers from all over.  She found this Lewis & Clark beer and bought a 6-pack.  It was only fitting to leave it on Sacajawea's grave.