Friday, July 3, 2015

Critters, great and small, in Yellowstone!

There are plenty of WILD animals in Yellowstone National Park.  This was a mother black bear with 2 cubs foraging in the trees.  The cubs were hiding beneath the foliage, and the mother kept looking for them.  They were never far out of her sight!

I love these guys.

A traffic jam I can live with

The herd of buffalo (bison) is huge here.  They are everywhere.  You might become complacent and think they are tame animals; the park rangers have their hands full keeping people AWAY from them.  I honestly don't understand the people who get out of their cars and approach these wild beasts - but, they do.

All these photographs are shot from a safe distance.

LOTS of babies at this time of year.

These beasts are elk.  They, too, seem sweet and nice.  But, they will kill you too - especially when they have young.

Well . . . he doesn't exactly look dangerous!

Aaaaaw!  What a face!!!

This fella had a nice set of antlers.

4-legged, intelligent.  2-legged, dummy!

Chillin' out in the tall grass.

He looked back at my clicking camera - and seemed annoyed.

Again, dummies!

Some geese.

A grizzly bear - far, far away - going for a swim.

A grizzly with a cub.

. . . make that TWO cubs!

A huge grizzly - he was really far away too.

Some white pelicans.

Pronghorns.  There's a huge herd of them here too.

Foreground, pronghorns - background, buffalo.

A sweet red robin!