Friday, August 28, 2015

These are a bunch of videos from my trip.


This video is from Great Sand Dunes National Park.  I went there on a perfectly clear day.  I went in and watched a 20 minute video in the visitor center, and when I came out, it had snowed.  It was quite cool since the normally reddish sand dunes were now pure white and covered in snow (pictured in the post from Great Sand Dunes NP)!

This is what happens when 2 Floridians decide it would be a good idea to drive from Alamosa, Colorado, to Grand Junction, Colorado - across the mountains.  And, we did NOT check the weather first.  It was beautiful, but us Flor-idiots do NOT know how to drive in 1) the mountains; 2) the snow!

Driving from Ely, Nevada, to Reno, Nevada, across "The Loneliest Highway in America", Highway 50.  It was lonely, but was very interesting!


An amazing waterfall inside of Mt Rainier National Park.  It was right on the roadway through the park, and it took very little effort to walk over to it.  Beautiful!